Aluminum Mills: Flatness Gauges

Our Camera Cluster Systems (CCS) Flatness Gauge is easy-to-use and features 16 cameras per each 300mm segment. Cameras may be added proportionally to strip width. IMS flatness gauges are capable of measuring strip of any width and thickness.

Key features & benefits include:

  • Highly Accurate, Real-Time Monitoring
  • Takes Precise Reads of All surfaces Independent of Strip Vibration
  • Ideal for HIgh-Speed Processing LInes (Cut-to-Length, Coating)
  • Provides High-Resultion Images of Strip Cross-Direction
  • Reduces Process Disruptions, Equipment & Scrap
  • Compact, Lightweight & Easy to Install
  • Compatible with MEVInet-Q Quality Data Management System & Comparable Systems

For superior flatness measurement solutions, depend on IMS.

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See IMS in Action

Flatness TopPlan - Coiler | 0:22
“If you're committed to achieving the highest degree of accuracy in your thickness measurements, we welcome a commitment to working with us.” — John Buckman
General Manager & Vice President
IMS Systems, Inc.