Cold Mills: Shape Roll Gauges

The First Name in Flatness Gauges

Deviations in strip shape can lead to costly process disruptions, equipment damage, quality problems and scrapping of the manufactured product. To help customers achieve optimal strip flatness during production, as well as downstream on processing lines, IMS offers a complete line of non-contact shape roll gauges. These solid steel rolls have a closed (non segmented & homogenous) surface that is designed to measure flatness without penetration of dirt and oil that often distort readings.

The measured force signals are transmitted digitally (non-contact) between the roll and stator. System electronics are robust, maintenance-free and require no additional purge air or cooling under normal operating conditions.

A variety of roll hardened steel surfaces is available for steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous applications System features include:

  • Roll diameter from 200mm to 500mm
  • Completely closed roll surface
  • Roll Coating available in chrome, tungsten carbide, rubber or polyurethane
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Axially bored Quartz transducers for greater reliability

If strip flatness is a consideration, IMS has the ideal solution.

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