Hot Mills: Surface Inspections

An Integral Part of a Hot Mill Production Line

IMS offers a comprehensive array of 3D and 2D surface inspection solutions. The company’s 3D slab inspection systems are ideal for continuous casting applications, and its 2D surface inspection systems are used in hot & cold rolling operations.

These technologies - X3D vision and X2D vision — improve the abilities of mills to:

  • Identify and correct upstream causes of defects
  • Estimate the severity of defects in cast and rolled products
  • Determine the feasibility of removing defects
  • Produce quality slab and strip by integrating surface inspection technologies with the MEVInetQ Quality Data Management System

X3D vision and X2D vision set the industry standard for detecting product imperfections and giving mill operators the abilities to produce slab and strip that meet the most demanding specifications.

Additional information about surcon GmbH surface inspection systems may be useful in determining the best solutions for specific applications.

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