Process Lines: Thickness Gauges

Non-Contact Strip Measurement That Has Unparalleled Accuracy

Responding to market demand for more affordable, non-contact x-ray gauges that measure strip thickness, IMS developed the XR Gauge line. These precise, reliable and intelligent measuring systems are manufactured at our North American headquarters near Pittsburgh.

The XR Gauge now features integrated laser strip measurement. The Gauge’s laser speed sensor has a measurement accuracy of <0.05% is easy to handle for preventive maintenance and features an air wipe & protective window to prevent contamination by dirt.

XR Gauges can significantly improve productivity and quality in the full range of operations that service centers perform, including:

  • Pickling
  • Cold Rolling
  • Cutting-to-Length
  • Slitting
  • Tension Leveling
Service Center Thickness Gauge Specifications & Performance Data → XR Thickness Gauges

Besides integrated laser strip speed measurement, XR Gauges offer many other valuable features and benefits, including:

  • Time-Tested X-Ray Technology
  • Modular Design Easily Retrofitted to Existing Lines
  • Remotely-Mounted Control Box (within 160 ft. (50m) of gauge)
  • X-Ray Tubes Mate of Metal Ceramic (rated 30%-50% higher than normal operating power)
  • Lower Statistical Noise than Isotope Gauges
  • Robust Ionization Chamber Design & Maintenance-Free Cable Design
  • Flexible Training & Maintenance Programs
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