Plate Mills: Flatness/Evenness Gauges

Innovative Solutions for Flatness Gauges in Plate Mills

The TopPlan topometric strip flatness measuring system provides a three-dimensional representation (3-D) of the surface structure over large areas of plate.

TopPlan is also useful for off-line quality assurance measurements taken outside of production facilities.

Key features of IMS flatness gauges are:

  • Non-contact, 3-D measurement of strip flatness, residual curvature and strip width
  • High measuring resolution
  • Large measuring range
  • Flexibility to measure plate that is stationary or moving
  • Flexibility to measure plate at mill temperature
  • Low costs of operation and maintenance

How IMS Flatness Gauges Work

The operation of IMS TopPlan Gauges is straightforward:

  • A projector super-imposes a quadratic pattern of lines on entire surface of the material being measured
  • A CCD matrix camera films the image continually
  • Deviations from the specification (reference level) at the strip passline, caused by the presence of waves in the middle of the material or at the material’s edges, lead to distortions in the straight lines projected onto the material’s surface
  • A powerful image processing system performs mathematical analyses of the lines to determine strip flatness

Additional information is available in the IMS guide to Topometric Flatness Gauges (TopPlan)

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