Plate Mills: Width Gauges

Consistently Accurate Width Measurements of Steel Plate Taken Under All Operating Conditions

IMS Width Gauges are designed to measure the complete geometry of steel plate with superior consistency. Their compact dimensions give them the flexibility to fit any production line.

Depending upon the customer’s particular requirements, more than one camera may be required. The sensors (CCD cameras) are placed in special protective housings that are suitable for the environment in which they are operating. Cooling elements protect the sensors from excessively high temperatures, minimizing the probability of unplanned downtime.

Lighting arrangements, optics, sensors and signal processing are customized based on the shapes and sizes of objects to be measured and the objects’ distances from the sensors. Optics are available to meet a variety of distances between sensors and target objects.

Plate width gauges may be supplemented by system components that measure temperature, length and speed and contour.

Detailed information is available in the IMS guide to Measuring Systems in Hot Strip Mills

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