Service Centers: Flatness Gauges

A Revolution in Strip Flatness Measurement

IMS-Camera Cluster Systems (CCS) Flatness Gauges are affordable, easy-to-use and offer a degree of accuracy not found in other flatness measuring systems. As customers require increasingly tight tolerances, this gauge can add significant value to your operations by helping you maximize the acceptance rate of materials processed in your facilities.

Key features and benefits of IMS-CCS Gauges are:

  • Highly Accurate, Real-Time Monitoring
  • Takes Precise Reads of All Surfaces (from matte to glossy)
  • Ideal for High-Speed Processing Lines (Cut-to-Length, Coating)
  • Provides High-Resolution Images of Strip Cross-Direction
  • Reduces Process Disruptions, Equipment Damage & Scrap
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Easy to Install
  • Compatible with MEVInet-Q Quality Data Management System
IMS Camera Cluster System

How the IMS-CCS Flatness Gauge Works

This optical measuring system uses innovative camera cluster technology, including:

  • 16 cameras per each 300mm (1 ft.) segment are added proportional to strip width
  • Lines imaged using matrix cameras
  • Intelligent camera clusters’ high performance power allows real-time data image processing to detect the smallest buckles & waves, especially on or near the material’s edge
  • Real-time data generate topographical information allowing engineers and others to judge product surface quality and determine whether strip meets customer specifications
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