Tube Mills: Tube Dimension Gauges

Tube Mill Gauges Measure Geometric Parameters with Unparalleled Accuracy

Customers' increasingly high standards for quality seamless tube have necessitated the use of diameter profile measurement systems that use high-precision laser triangulation sensors. Available in customized configurations arranged around the tube's circumference, these detectors provide real-time diameter profile measurements to ensure that every tube is produced to specification.

In addition to being equipped with the required number of sensors based on pipe diameter, IMS tube dimension gauges feature:

  • Data transmission up to 1,000 kbit/sec.
  • Installation on water-cooled protective ring, and behind protective doors with heat shields to ensure accurate measurements in the hottest environments
  • Pressure blower to protect gauge from elements on the production floor
  • Easy-to-use calibration equipment

IMS Tube Mill Dimension Gauges offer the performance that tube manufacturers need to stay competitive.

The IMS guide on Measuring Systems in Tube Mills may be useful in helping mill operators determine the best solutions for specific applications.

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